An Alaskan king salmon rests on the rocky shoreline of the Naknek River.Anyone lucky enough to have experienced the Alaska king salmon season will tell you it is an exhilarating accomplishment to pull in one of these enormous species. Now, there are a plethora of Alaskan fishing lodges to select; however, Alaska’s Gold Creek Lodge—situated within the Bristol Bay watershed— serves as an unofficial entrance to the Katmai National Park and offers an ideal location for fishing and other outdoor Alaskan adventures. 

The Alaskan King Salmon

The king salmon—aka chinook—is the largest of the native Pacific salmon species and is highly sought after by sport anglers and commercial fishermen and women alike. Like most salmon, the king is an anadromous species, meaning it survives in both salt and freshwater habitats. These salmonids are so adaptive that in 1967 the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service authorized the state of Michigan and other Midwestern states to introduce king salmon to the Great Lakes to control the invasive alewife. 

The Naknek River

Meandering its way throughout the Bristol Bay Watershed, the Naknek River begins at Naknek Lake and empties into the Kvichak Bay some 35 miles later. The Naknek boasts one of the more expansive king salmon runs with up to 25,000 kings making their way upstream to spawn. This run starts in early-June and finishes at the end of July, right around the end of Alaska king salmon season. You’ll also experience the best Alaskan sunsets you happen to be out on the river before dusk.

Alaska King Salmon Fishing at Alaska’s Gold Creek Lodge

Salmon fishing in Alaska is something all serious anglers should experience. The Alaska king salmon season is quickly approaching, and Alaska’s Gold Creek Lodge is the perfect basecamp. Surrounded by 16 acres of the forested Alaskan wilderness, our main lodge and staff are sure to provide you with everything you need to make the most of your time on the Naknek River. Choose from either luxury cabins or yurts for nightly accommodations that feature Keurig coffee machines, flat-screen televisions, and several other amenities. Breakfast will be included in the nightly lodging rate, while other meals and alcoholic beverages are accessible for purchase. Fishing gear, kayak, and paddleboard rentals are available onsite. 

Call us at 1-907-246-GOLD (4653)  or visit us online to find out how Alaska’s Gold Creek Lodge can provide you with a fishing adventure of a lifetime!