An elderly woman takes a picture of an Alaskan bear.People book Alaskan vacations to observe gorgeous landscapes and plentiful wildlife. As the temperatures rise and the ground unfreezes, several birds and mammals will resume roaming, foraging, and playing, increasing the chance to capture these treasured scenes with each passing day. 

Taking pictures isn’t too hard; however, wildlife photography requires a little more than just a point and a click. As an observer of nature, you’ll want to be more than satisfied with your photos. Now, you could just walk around aimlessly into the bush with a few ideas on what you want to take pictures of, but how will you know if you’re ever in the right place? Obviously, you’ll be more likely to get the compelling scenes you’re seeking on a guided Alaskan photo safari, but there are still a few things you can do to enhance the likelihood of getting the shot of a lifetime.

Know Your Camera

The magical moments for Alaska photography can end very quickly, so making sure you have everything in order is paramount when going on an Alaskan photography tour. That means testing out your ISO setting in accordance with the lighting of your environment, your shutter speed, and your flash—if you’re using one. You’ll also want to narrow down your lens selection to about two or three and have an idea of what shots you want so that you aren’t continuously switching lenses during optimal moments. Finally, if you can adjust your camera settings without deviating from your viewfinder, you’ll be less likely to miss something.

Know Your Subject

You’ll want your shots to have a genuine feel to them, so learning the tendencies and demeanor of your subjects is an integral part of any Alaskan photo safari. Being able to predict the actions of wild animals sounds difficult, but after watching a few videos and reading about your subjects can be the difference between a typical picture and a spectacular one. 

Decide What Pictures to Keep and What to Delete Every Day

To get the most out of your expedition, you’ll want to do a daily inventory of your photos before your next outing. Doing so will enable you to better evaluate what you’ll be taking pictures of for the day and also give you a chance to sift through thousands of shots and clean out what you won’t be editing or posting to social media. The last thing any photographer wants is to run out of storage while out and about. 

Alaskan Photography Tour with Alaska’s Gold Creek Lodge

Preparing yourself for an Alaskan photography excursion can seem overwhelming. Outside of the technical necessities, you also have to consider how much energy it takes to take good pictures out in the bush. Rest assured, Alaska’s Gold Creek Lodge has you covered with nightly accommodations in either cabins or luxury yurts featuring flat-screen televisions, Keurig coffee makers, and several other amenities. Breakfast is included in the nightly lodging rate and other meals and alcoholic beverages are available for purchase. We also provide rentals for fishing gear, kayaks, and paddleboards.


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