king salmon alaskaAlaska’s Gold Creek Lodge rests on the tranquil shores of the Naknek River near King Salmon Alaska in the vast wilderness of the Last Frontier. Anglers from across the globe escape to the Alaska Peninsula for a week of premier salmon fishing, up-close-and-personal wildlife adventures, and supreme backpacking adventures. Whether you’re hoping to spend an entire day hiking near beautiful Naknek Lake or the Valley of Ten Thousands Smokes, we’re perfectly positioned near the rim of the Katmai National Park and Preserve. Backpackers are given the unique opportunity to strap themselves into a float plane and to hike deep into the Alaskan unknown.

The Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes

Alaska’s Gold Creek Lodge offers a unique full-day journey into the heart of the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes, a massive dale that was sculpted by a volcanic eruption in the early 1900s. Novarupta erupted in 1912 in the Katmai National Park and Preserve, easily the largest explosion of the 20th century. A botanist explored the aftermath in 1916 and discovered “tens of thousands” of fumaroles emitting steam into the Earth’s sky. The valley is a volcanologists’ dreamland and a backpacker’s paradise. The entire region is covered with unique rock formations, an ash-dyed landscape, and breathtaking snow peaks. Guests travel via float plane, bus, and foot. You can embark on a strenuous hike with a knowledgeable and experienced tour guide into the heart of the valley. Consult this guide for a complete list of popular backpacking destinations within the valley.

Breathtaking Naknek Lake

Alaska’s Gold Creek Lodge lies downstream on the Naknek River from breathtaking Naknek Lake, the most substantial body of water wholly contained within a U.S. national park. Naknek Lake is entirely encircled by massive snow-peaked mountains and features unique sky blue water. Guests frequently spot brown bears swimming, fishing, or cleaning in the lake. This scenic and secluded lake is an ideal locale for kayaking, canoeing, and hiking. Backpackers can explore the thousands of square feet on a secluded full-day, self-guided hiking adventure!

Walrus Viewing at Cape Greig

We always highly recommend embarking on a one-day walrus-viewing hiking expedition at Cape Greig north of Pilot Point. Depart from King Salmon Alaska via float plane and soar high above Bristol Bay and the Alaska Peninsula. The hike provides genuinely awe-inspiring beaches, high cliffs, and vast ocean views. You’ll be significantly rewarded by witnessing a breathtaking sight: a walrus haulout. Observe a gathering of over 100 walruses on the scenic beaches of Cape Greig. The walruses, interestingly, resemble large rocks from a distance. Hikers will also enjoy beachcombing for colorful sea glass, beautiful shells, and unique driftwood.

King Salmon Alaska

Learn more about our all-inclusive adventure packages and customizable activities by visiting our website. Alaska’s Gold Creek Lodge rests on 16 stunning acres of Alaskan forestry. We have private log cabins and cozy guestrooms within our handcrafted lodge. Each room features laid-back luxury, understated Northwest elegance, and supreme comfort. We’re open mid-October through April for adventurous private group retreats! Give us a call at 1-907-246-GOLD (4653) to learn more about our King Salmon Alaska paradise!