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Alaska Fishing Season | Why Choose Gold Creek Lodge?

Ensconced amid the banks of the pristine and renowned Naknek River, Gold Creek Lodge’s location alone sets it apart from many other Alaska fishing resorts. This remote angling enclave is only accessible by air, all but guaranteeing a genuine wilderness experience in one of the world’s most beautiful regions—minus the tourists.

Exploring the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes

Although many of our visitors come to Alaska's Gold Creek Lodge for fishing, they quickly find out there are several other excellent pastimes to enjoy in our neck of the woods. Our slice of beautiful King Salmon, Alaska, serves as the unofficial gateway to Katmai National Park and some of Alaska's best hiking. As such, [...]

Fishing in Bristol Bay: Travel Packing List and Travel Tips

Even if you’ve never stepped foot in Alaska in your life, you’ve probably heard multiple people say having various clothing options is crucial. While there is no denying the importance of dressing in layers, there are several other factors you need to consider when making your travel packing list.

Alaska Fishing Vacation: Ways to Stay Busy During Offseason

Alaska Fishing Vacation: Ways to Stay Busy During Offseason Unless you’re an avid ice angler or reside in a warm part of the world, winter is a time when fishermen and women don’t have many chances to wet a line. Sometimes it comes down to a lack of opportunities or something else that has taken [...]

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All-Inclusive Fishing Trips to King Salmon, Alaska

As quickly as the Alaskan fishing season ends, we immediately start focusing our attention on all-inclusive fishing trips for next year. The primary reason we look so far ahead is planning. Getting ready for the upcoming season is crucial, not only from a business perspective but also for our visitors. For starters, it’s not typical [...]

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Alaskan Fishing Guides in Bristol Bay

If fishing were easy, many people would become bored with it and move on to other outdoor hobbies. To be clear, we certainly admire the can-do spirit shared by many fishermen and women. However, we recommend that you enlist the assistance of an Alaskan fishing guide to get the most out of fishing in Bristol Bay. Below we present you with four reasons to hire a fishing guide on your Alaska vacation.

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Alaska ATV Tours with Gold Creek Lodge

With its majestic mountain forests, winding rivers, and unscathed magnificence, the Alaskan wilderness lends itself to a myriad of recreational activities. For decades, thrill-seeking, outdoor enthusiasts have found themselves in Alaska’s immaculate beauty in search of their next adventure, perhaps by embarking on an Alaska ATV tour, hoping to get a taste of the perilous journey traveled by the trappers and explorers that came before them.

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Alaska King Salmon Season at Alaska’s Gold Creek Lodge

Anyone lucky enough to have experienced the Alaska king salmon season will tell you it is an exhilarating accomplishment to pull in one of these enormous species. Now, there are a plethora of Alaskan fishing lodges to select; however, Alaska’s Gold Creek Lodge—situated within the Bristol Bay watershed— serves as an unofficial entrance to the Katmai National Park and offers an ideal location for fishing and other outdoor Alaskan adventures.

Alaska Photography Basics from Alaska’s Gold Creek Lodge

People book Alaskan vacations to observe gorgeous landscapes and plentiful wildlife. As the temperatures rise and the ground unfreezes, several birds and mammals will resume roaming, foraging, and playing, increasing the chance to capture these treasured scenes with each passing day.

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Reasons to Visit King Salmon, Alaska

This beautiful Lodge is located on the Naknek River and is surrounded by 16 acres of forest. You’ll have the option of staying in a luxury yurt, a small log cabin, or a four-bedroom cabin perfect for larger parties. They even offer a free shuttle ride from the airport, so you don’t have to worry about anything during your stay in King Salmon, Alaska. There’s plenty to do and see in the area, but if you’re still not sure if traveling to Alaska’s wilderness is right for you, these are the top reasons to visit King Salmon, Alaska.

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