Hiking In Katmai

Hiking In Katmai 2017-03-07T15:42:30+00:00

With our lodge perfectly positioned at the doorstep of Katmai National Park, the hiking options are endless. Accessible only by float plane, there are day and multi day hikes for all ability levels. There is no other place on earth, or at least in North America, in our opinion, that can offer you a National Park with the remoteness and solitude that Katmai National Park provides. You will not find this place full of tourists; you WILL find this place full of natural wildlife including the Alaskan coastal brown bear, which is common to see along the trail.  The peacefulness and the serenity of this park will take your breath away, It will be an experience hard to put into words.

Hiking in Katmai National Park. Accessible only by float plane