A group of four anglers stand in a line to get their picture taken before starting the Alaskan fishing season.Although the Alaskan fishing season is over at Alaska’s Gold Creek Lodge, we’re already looking ahead, and we encourage you to consider doing the same. An all-inclusive Alaska vacation is a bucket list item for many anglers and other outdoor enthusiasts. As such, it’s crucial to mitigate any hang-ups, blunders, or missteps when planning your trip to the “Last Frontier.” We encourage you to browse our various Alaska vacation packages.

Looking Ahead to the Alaskan Fishing Season

There is a plethora of eager fishermen and women patiently waiting to get in on the fun, so, likely, you won’t be the only one hoping to visit places like King Salmon, Alaska, to wet your line. Early booking is the most effective way to ensure your preferred travel dates, so planning immediately after you finalize your reservation is crucial to maximizing your time on the water. To offer a little motivation and get you going in the right direction, we came up with three reasons for you to book early for next year’s Alaskan fishing season.

Dates of Availability

Although many outdoor enthusiasts have bent over backward to ensure their ability to take time off work, not everyone has earned that privilege. For example, some employers require workers to request time off weeks or even months in advance. Knowing precisely which dates you’ll be gone for the Alaskan fishing season and asking for those dates will go a long way communication-wise. It may seem like overkill, but reserving dates at least six months ahead of time will make things easier on you over the long haul.

Travel Logistics

Unless you call Alaska your home, possibly the most taxing part about fishing up here is making sure your transportation is all squared away. Heck, it can be arduous even for those who live here! There’s a good chance that you’ll be flying during at least part of the way here, so making sure you book the correct flights is paramount to starting your vacation off right. We offer a free airport shuttle at our nightly lodging rate, so you won’t have to worry about renting a vehicle. We pride ourselves on making sure we meet your needs before you hop in the van, meaning we’ll be here to walk you through everything and make things easy for you.

Financing Your Trip

Oddly enough, the most preliminary aspects to consider for the Alaskan fishing season are somehow easy to overlook. It’s not difficult to understand that you’ll need to have enough money set aside to pay for your deposit and finalize your reservation. Still, many unfortunate anglers have had to change their initial plan because they didn’t know about making a deposit. Planning and booking your reservation now will streamline the process and give you extra time to save money. 

Luxury Resorts in Alaska: An All-Inclusive Vacation

A happy angler shows off his bounty while smiling during the Alaskan fishing season.Alaska’s Gold Creek Lodge is a popular destination for those who love fishing but who also want to explore the “Last Frontier” in more than one way. From fly-out adventures to remote destinations to kayaking on the Naknek River, there’s much more to Gold Creek Lodge than the Alaskan fishing season, so the time to start planning is now! To take the first step, please visit us online or call 907-246-GOLD (4643).