A friendly bear seemingly waves hello to the camera.Bear viewing in Alaska is one of the must-do activities to pursue while on an Alaska vacation. Like most remote areas, the best places for bear viewing are only accessible by floatplane or boat and are just a short ride from Alaska’s Gold Creek Lodge. Brooks Falls at Katmai National Park provides the opportunity for bear viewing in Alaska like no other place. This national treasure is filled with awe-inspiring mountain forests and the pristine lakes and waterways that exemplify the Alaskan wilderness. Bear viewing at its core is a relatively simple endeavor. However, we’d like to share with you some useful information to help maximize the experience. 

Brooks Falls in Katmai National Park

Quite possibly, one of the most coveted locations for bear viewing in Alaska is Brooks Falls, located at Katmai National Park. The park itself is an unrivaled splendor of unscathed natural beauty found in very few places around the world. Home to spectacular volcanoes and teeming with wildlife, you’ll soon find out there is much more to admire here than bears. Part of what makes Katmai such an ideal bear habitat is the contiguous forest, rugged coastlines, and abundance of fish. 

Tips for Bear Viewing in Alaska

Bring Binoculars

While many people might think to use a scope, binoculars are the preferred tool of choice due to their compact size and ease of transport. The most recommended specifications allow you to zoom in from a distance without compromising your steadiness. Most expert wildlife watchers prefer an “8×32” set of binoculars. The first number refers to the magnification power, while the second represents the diameter of the lens. 

Patience is Key

The world works in mysterious ways, and Mother Nature is no different. You should become familiar with the behaviors and antics of your subjects before going out, but even the most knowledgeable enthusiasts will tell you that the bears can be unpredictable. Fortunately, your chances of catching a glimpse are very high while bear viewing in Alaska due to the abundance of food and a thriving bear population. 

Silence is the Best Camouflage

Bears are relatively solitary creatures, and they aren’t too keen on sharing their living space. Several vantage points throughout Katmai National Park allow you to view these prized specimens without alerting them too much. Bears have an excellent sense of hearing and smell, so it’s best to mitigate the impact we have on their environment. Furthermore, it is not necessary to coax the bears from their seclusion with food or anything else that would alter their instinctual behavior. 

Alaska Lodges Near Katmai National Park

Alaska’s Gold Creek Lodge offers an experience like none other to satiate your wonder and desire for wilderness immersion. With nightly accommodations in either luxury yurts or cabins, you’ll be sure to get a good night’s sleep before and after each outing. We also include breakfast as part of our rates, and all cabins and yurts come with Keurig coffee makers, flat-screen televisions, and other amenities. For more information on how to make one of the best Alaska lodges your bear viewing basecamp, please contact us online or call 1-907-246-GOLD (4643).