A can-am 4x4 ATV hurls mud as it takes off into the Alaskan wilderness.With its majestic mountain forests, winding rivers, and unscathed magnificence, the Alaskan wilderness lends itself to a myriad of recreational activities. For decades, thrill-seeking, outdoor enthusiasts have found themselves in Alaska’s immaculate beauty in search of their next adventure, perhaps by embarking on an Alaska ATV tour, hoping to get a taste of the perilous journey traveled by the trappers and explorers that came before them.

Gold Creek Lodge is the ultimate destination for today’s explorers, offering Alaska ATV tours through the Alaskan backcountry. Whether you’re driving out to target trophy rainbow trout, or just cruising through the bush, nothing can compare to the unleashed fury of a high powered Alaska ATV adventure with Alaska’s Gold Creek Lodge, as it has become somewhat of a fan favorite over the years.

Gold Creek Lodge Alaska ATV Adventures

Ensconced on the banks of the renowned Naknek River, Alaska’s Gold Creek Lodge is the perfect setting to immerse yourself in northern splendor. Our lodge will serve as your basecamp as you set out into the Alaskan tundra, testing the limits of our Can-Am Commanders. The only thing better than ATVing in Alaska is ATVing in Alaska on your way to go fishing! You can either fly-fish or use spinners for grayling, arctic char, Dolly Varden, rainbow trout, or native Alaskan salmon. There is also a good chance that you may spot a few bears, moose, and river otters or find yourself fishing with bald eagles!

Our team knows these woods like the back of their fishing rods and will have no problems getting you on some of the best ATV trails in Alaska. Experience the freedom of “braaping” through the surrounding wilderness, carefree as your trusty guide shows you the way. Be sure to take an inventory of the vibrant flora that thrives in this magical biome as you plow through rivers, hit jumps, and speed through hardpack. These elegantly disheveled trails and backwaters have been waiting for you and deserve your attention.

Your Basecamp for ATVing in Alaska

One of the best ways to maximize each electrifying outing is to start and finish your day at Alaska’s Gold Creek Lodge. This tranquil riverside outpost offers the quintessential setting for all Alaska ATV adventures. There is no shame in adding a twist of indulgence to your rugged outing, so Gold Creek Lodge invites you to take a seat in the lap of luxury with our unrivaled accommodations. Call us at 907-246-GOLD (4653) or visit us online to learn more about how we can facilitate your Alaska ATV adventures!