Many people visit Alaska’s Gold Creek Lodge for world-class fishing excursions. Here in King Salmon, we’re positioned in a perfect location to access several great fishing spots. However, depending on where you’re fishing, your experience can vary. Let our team give you a brief rundown of the possibilities, highlighting the types of salmon in Alaska you could catch, plus a few more. 

Photo of Swimming King Salmon, One of the Many Types of Salmon in Alaska.Types of Salmon in Alaska 

  • Sockeye salmon: Sockeye salmon are easily identifiable by the red skin on their body
  • Silver salmon: Otherwise known as coho salmon, these fish are the most flavorful
  • King salmon: These are the largest of the types of salmon in Alaska, or around the world. 
  • Pink salmon: Pink salmon are the smallest of types of salmon in Alaska, and are often the least flavorful as well. 

Other Types of Fish in Alaska 

  • Rainbow trout: Most rainbow trout reach 22 to 26 inches, so you can count on a big catch every time. 
  • Arctic char: Arctic char is part of the salmon (Salmonidae) family, but have much smaller scales than the rest of them. 
  • Grayling: These are known to be one of the most beautiful fish, with a distinguished dorsal fin
  • Dolly Varden: The name of this red-spotted fish correlates from a Charles Dickens character, due to their green scales with red spots
  • Northern pike: These extremely long fish can grow up to 4.5 feet long.

Our expert guides can help you customize your fishing excursions. If you want to fish for one of the specific types of salmon in Alaska or another type of fish, we’ll recommend when and where to fish. For example, visiting during the salmon run in Alaska is the prime time for salmon. We’ll help you choose the Naknek River, Katmai National Park backcountry, or flying out to Bristol Bay in Alaska based on your wants and needs, and whether or not you want to do some fly fishing in Alaska or go on geared adventures. Overall, it’s common to catch more than 30 fish per day! 

Adventures in Alaska 

Your vacations in Alaska should be full of adventure. That’s why you should book excursions with Alaska’s Gold Creek Lodge, as we offer more than just fishing excursions for all the types of salmon in Alaska: such as bear viewing, photography hikes, kayaking, walrus viewing, and more. For more information about everything that you can do with us, visit our website or give us a call at 907-246-4653.