Alaska FishingHere at Alaska’s Gold Creek Lodge, our location on the Naknek River provides a great spot to catch many of the numerous species of fish in Alaska. The peak season for many fish ends in the summer, but for a few species like rainbow trout, September instead marks the end of the best time to fish in Alaska. Before heading out on a fishing trip, make sure you know everything you can to improve your chances at catching the strong game fish. Read on to learn more about Alaska fishing for rainbow trout at Alaska’s Gold Creek Lodge. 

Fish in Alaska: Rainbow Trout 

Rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) is native to Alaska. They’re freshwater fish, but will sometimes swim out to the ocean, and are then called steelheads. On average, they reach about 22 to 26 inches long, so you can count on a trophy to take home. Alaska’s regulations require artificial lures with single hooks, so use spinners or plugs for the best luck. 

Rainbow Trout Fishing Trips through Alaska’s Gold Creek Lodge 

Whether you decide to take a boat on the Naknek River or fly out to a remote destination, our guides at Alaska’s Gold Creek Lodge will help you with every aspect of your fishing trip. We’ll customize your fishing trip for you, so you’ll be satisfied with every aspect of your excursion. Guides will educate you about the water you’re fishing in, and help anglers of all experience levels be successful in their trip. With our help, it’s not uncommon to catch more than 30 fish in one day. Before you arrive at our resort in King Salmon, we’ll send you a list of things to pack or help you reserve the correct gear for your rainbow trout fishing trip, unless you’re bringing your own fishing gear.

Alaska Fishing Resorts 

Capitalize on our fishing expertise here at Alaska’s Gold Creek Lodge, as well as our position on the Naknek River for some of the best Alaska fishing around. Squeeze in a last-minute trip to get some of the best rainbow trout fishing in Alaska before peak season is over. Call us at 907-246-GOLD for more information, or visit us on our website