During your trip to the Last Frontier, Alaska nature is something that you can’t miss out on, whether it’s the breathtaking scenery or the wildlife. Animals to see include brown bears, moose, whales, eagles, and salmon, but one of the most exclusive animals to see is the Pacific walrus in Alaska. Only found on our state’s shores, visitors have to put a little more effort into seeing them. Through our packages here at Alaska’s Gold Creek Lodge, you can go on a guided excursion to see the beautiful giants. Here’s what to know about walrus in Alaska, and how you can see them here at Alaska’s Gold Creek Lodge

About Walrus in Alaska 

Although there are Atlantic walruses, Alaska is the only place to see the Pacific walrus. Weighing up to a whopping 3,000 pounds, they usually live on the ice out at sea. However, during the summers, the male walruses return to land. Because of this, summer is the best time to see the Pacific walrus in Alaska. 

Walrus Viewing with Alaska’s Gold Creek Lodge 

During your stay in your choice of our cabins and yurts at one of the best lodges in Alaska, you can add walrus viewing onto any other package. We’ll fly you out via plane or helicopter to Cape Greig, where you can hike along the quiet beaches, bring a picnic lunch, and comb the beaches along with viewing the walrus. Round Island, Cape Peirce, and Cape Seniavin are the main walrus viewing locations in the state, so the more secluded Cape Greig is one of the best options of where to see walrus in Alaska as it’s only reachable by plane. 

Southwest Alaska Fishing Lodges 

Walrus viewing is only one of the dozens of things you can do here at Alaska’s Gold Creek Lodge. Make sure you take advantage of the Alaska nature and the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity during your stay, whether you add a fishing, kayaking, or ATV adventure with us. Return to your cabin or luxury yurt after a full day spent in the fresh air and under the midnight sun. Call us at 907-246-GOLD or visit our website for more information.