Alaska adventuresAutumn is that special time of year when the weather finally starts cooling down, but it’s extra beautiful when you choose to spend it in a place known for its cold weather: Alaska. Alaska truly is the land of adventure, and a stay at Alaska’s Gold Creek Lodge will be no exception. With their custom adventures, it’s easier than ever to include everything from fly-fishing to wildlife viewing in Katmai National Park to your Alaska adventure. With their lodge and log cabins available for your accommodations, you’ll not only have everything you need to be more than comfortable during one of Alaska’s most beautiful seasons, but you’ll have every Alaska adventure you could think of right outside your door.

Fly-out Adventures

Because of the remote nature of Alaska’s wilderness, there are actually some areas, especially in Katmai National Park that are only accessible by floatplane. With one of Gold Creek Lodge’s unique Fly-out Adventures, you’ll not only be able to experience the beautiful autumn colors of these natural areas, but you’ll also get the chance to view wildlife you wouldn’t see otherwise, such as Alaskan brown bears, caribou, and sometimes wolves. If you enjoy fishing, a Fly-out Adventure might just be for you because it will give you a greater chance of catching rare Alaskan fish before the water freezes. Fly-out adventures come with their very own guide, who will show you everything in the area and make sure you have the best experience on this Alaska adventure.

ATV Adventures

If you’re a bit more of a thrill-seeker, this Alaska adventure might be for you. Exclusive to Gold Creek Lodge, this ATV adventure is known for its amazing scenic viewing, as well as its backcountry fishing. On this unique Alaska adventure you’ll get the chance to experience lakes that are inaccessible to other modes of transportation, and of course, see plenty of Alaska’s wildlife as well as the beautiful autumn landscape. Many visitors who choose to go on this particular Alaska adventure have reported seeing bald eagles, moose, and otters!

Photo and Film Safari

One of the best Alaska adventures Gold Creek Lodges has to offer is an exclusive photo and film safari tour. While you have to bring your own camera for this tour, you’ll be taken out and shown some of the best of the surrounding landscape of both Katmai National Park and Bristol Bay. This will allow you to get those stunning shots you’ve been dreaming of: from autumn leaves in the Alaskan wild to the animals that live in the area. 

Premier Alaska Adventures

From having the chance to fly out to some of Alaska’s more remote places to get a guided photo tour that will allow you to get that perfect photograph of the Alaskan brown bear you’ve always wanted to capture, there’s an Alaska adventure for every type of traveler. Alaska’s Gold Creek Lodge offers each of these adventures and more when you book your Alaskan getaway with us, and we’ll be sure to make your trip to the Katmai National Park area as magical as the autumn season you’ll be traveling in.