brooks fallsAlaska is known for its expansive wilderness and diverse wildlife, and there’s no better moment to experience both of these things than to witness the Brooks Falls Salmon Run—where the Alaskan Brown Bears gather in the river to catch pounds of salmon to eat. Alaska, however, is huge, and figuring out the perfect place to stay to have an authentic Alaskan experience can seem daunting. Alaska’s Gold Creek Lodge is the perfect place for your Alaskan getaway, providing you with the option of staying in one of their cozy cabins, luxury yurts, or their larger, four-bedroom cabins. 

While the lodge itself has everything you might need to feel right at home just outside of Alaska’s Katmai National Park and Preserve, they also offer trips into the National Park itself, with prime access to bear viewing spots so that you can experience these magnificent animals up close!

Katmai National Park and Preserve

Katmai National Park and Preserve is one of Alaska’s many national parks and home to the famous Brooks Falls. This is where the Alaskan salmon make their yearly migration during the summer months of June and July, attracting the local Alaskan brown bears to enjoy a free feast (but not without the challenge of catching the fish!). Here, visitors can come and witness this special event, which not only brings grizzly bears to the river in great abundance but also gives the chance of seeing bald eagles and wolves who are trying to get their paws and talons on some tasty salmon too.

Viewing the Brooks Falls Salmon Run

Katmai National Park and Preserve’s Brooks Falls is actually quite difficult to access, and can only be reached via floatplane or boat. Luckily, not only is Brooks Falls and Katmai National Park and preserve not far from Alaska’s Gold Creek Lodge, but the lodge provides overnight trips into the park so that you can witness the salmon run for yourself! 

The lodge’s trips to Katmai National Park and Preserve are all-inclusive, and allow you the option of customizing your trip, so that you might have the best Alaskan wilderness adventure possible! The general itinerary for one of these trips includes a stay in a cabin closer to Brooks Falls, a flight into the park from Anchorage, and all necessary meals. Your days in the park will include hiking, wildlife tours and safaris, an option for kayaking, and of course, plenty of bear viewing. If you want even more from your excursion, you can design your own custom Ultimate Wildlife viewing package by calling the lodge ahead of time.

The best time of year to experience the famous Brooks Falls salmon run is during June and July, when the salmon are migrating along the river during these months, however, you’ll be able to see bears and other wildlife during an excursion into the park with Alaska’s Gold Creek Lodge during other times of the year as well.

Alaska’s Gold Creek Lodge

The Brooks Falls salmon run is on the to-do list of so many travelers, and Alaska’s Gold Creek Lodge provides you with an accessible chance to experience the powerful Alaskan brown bears during this special time of the year. Between getting to stay in the Alaskan wilderness in one of their unique cabins or yurts and having the chance to safely explore and witness Alaska’s diverse wildlife, visiting the Brooks Falls salmon run with Alaska’s Gold Creek Lodge is something you’ll never forget.