types of salmon in AlaskaKing Salmon, or otherwise known as the Chinook, is the biggest salmon in the world and is sought out by anglers due to their massive size. When you stay with us at Alaska’s Gold Creek Lodge, you will have the opportunity to take the challenge of reeling these monsters in. Join our guides for the fishing opportunity of a lifetime and learn about these incredible fish as well as several other popular types of salmon in Alaska. 

King Salmon Fish Facts

Though there is a variety of types of salmon in Alaska, King Salmon is a crowd favorite amongst anglers and foodies. King Salmon are known for being the biggest salmon in the world, and they are a migratory species that grow up in the saltwater of Bristol Bay after their first or second year of life, and then return to the fresh water every two to four years to spawn. When the salmon make their charge upstream to their freshwater spawning grounds, it draws bears and anglers to the rivers and areas like Brooks Falls for the best chance at nabbing one of these hungry fish. Chinooks have been reeled in at a range of 15-40 pounds, and they can be found from California to the Arctic waters here in Alaska, where they are most abundant. June through late July tends to be the most bountiful season for King Salmon fishing, as they begin to spawn towards late summer at their freshwater destination. 

Fishing for Chinook

When it comes to baiting for King Salmon, there are a few essential details that will end up getting you the best results. The gear, colors, and type of bait you use all work together to bring in your prized monster of the deep. Since trolling, jigging, and mooching are all great methods of catching King Salmon, we provide the correct gear so that you have everything you need. King Salmon are predators and are very keen on the color of bait you use. Our experienced guides will have insight on the colors that seem to be drawing in the most bites and help you rig your lines for the best fishing experience possible. If you are in shallower waters, we may add a spoon so that the flashy shine grabs their attention. You want to troll slowly when searching for Kings. By moving slower, it gives these fish time to spot your bait and lure to entice them to go in for the attack. If it whizzes by them, they will more than likely go for more vulnerable prey.

King Salmon at Alaska’s Gold Creek Lodge

If you are ready to try your hand at reeling in these highly sought after monsters, the perfect opportunity awaits you at Alaska’s Gold Creek Lodge. Enjoy a world-class fishing experience and discover the thrill of pulling in your first Chinook as well as other types of salmon in Alaska. You won’t find a better experience than with our experienced guides and premier fishing lodge, so what are you waiting for? Join us for the Alaska fishing trip of a lifetime at Alaska’s Gold Creek Lodge!