Helicopter Fishing in AlaskaImagine the sound of a helicopter’s blades slicing through the air, and as the beat quickens, you are lifted into the air. Peering out over the Alaskan wilderness, the sprawling wilderness below opens up to twisting riverbeds, towering trees, and majestic mountains stitching the horizon together. Your heart picks up pace as you realize you are on your way to one of the most unique Alaskan fishing adventures with Alaska’s Gold Creek Lodge‘s helicopter fishing in Alaska excursion. Get ready to make this a reality and experience it all for yourself!

The Perks of Helicopter Fishing Trips

Much like our other fly-out fishing adventures, our helicopter fishing experiences will take you far away from modern society and into the most pristine wilderness surrounding our lodge. The beautiful waters of the Bristol Bay area offer numerous fish, including the biggest salmon in the world, the Chinook. The colorful rainbow trout, muscular northern pike, Dolly Varden, arctic grayling, and lake trout are also popular catches that anglers can’t wait to reel in when helicopter fishing in Alaska waters. You can cast your lines without worrying about any competition and can experience fishing as well as breathtaking views during your ride to and from the lodge.

Honey Hole Haven

One of the best aspects of our helicopter fishing trips is that you will have access to the most secluded honey holes where you will have the first pick of the waters. Our guides will take you to the best places to find the fish you are hoping to target and also lend some helpful tips in nabbing the trophy fish of your dreams. With having access to less-traveled waters with our helicopter, you will find bountiful waters that have monster catches that have had the chance to fully develop without the disturbances of other more frequently fished territories. 

An Alaska’s Gold Creek Lodge Experience

Helicopter fishing in Alaska waters is an experience unlike any fishing excursion you have been on before. As the only King Salmon Alaska fishing lodge in the Bristol Bay area with helicopter fishing, many anglers can’t wait to head up to Alaska’s Gold Creek Lodge for their chance to experience this unique adventure. Book your trip early and embark on your very own memorable helicopter fishing trip with us this season!