king salmon alaskaWe all know that King Salmon Alaska is known for its world-class fishing waters and breathtaking landscapes. However, there are even more marvelous things to see and experiences to be had on our waters. From watching walruses sun themselves on the rocky shores to experiencing thousands of salmon fighting the currents during the spawning season, there is always something incredible waiting for you at Alaska’s Gold Creek Lodge.

Walrus Viewing With Alaska’s Gold Creek Lodge

Alaska’s Gold Creek Lodge has an array of fishing experiences, but we also offer a wide variety of additional adventures to see even more of our beautiful King Salmon Alaska home. One exciting excursion gives you a taste of some of Alaska’s most untouched wildlife with a fly-out adventure to see Walruses sunning themselves on the beach in their natural habitat. Nothing beats watching these lumbering sea mammals enjoying a day on the shores of Cape Greig. You will be able to trek through gorgeous wildlife, picnic on a cliff that overlooks one of the area’s walruses’ favorite habitats, and even do a bit of beachcombing. Search for shells and other treasures along the water’s edge and enjoy the raw beauty of the Alaskan wilderness.

king salmon alaskaThe Source Of Life

With the waters of our rivers being the source for much of the life surrounding our lodge, we often see a wide variety of interesting creatures making their way through. From lynx to bears looking for a fresh salmon, eagles and other beautiful birds soaring overhead, and various other wildlife residents are drawn to the crystal waters that flow through King Salmon Alaska. One of the best ways to get the chance to get up close and personal with our most fascinating river residents is with one of our kayaking adventures. Our easy-going kayak adventures will take you on a calm float that is perfect for any experience level down from the headwaters of the Naknek River.

Adventure Is Always Waiting

When you book an Alaska fishing trip with Alaska’s Gold Creek Lodge, you can do far more than cast your line. Discover the wonders that thrive on the waters that surround our lodge and get a first-hand look into the lives of our favorite wildlife residents. Build your itinerary the way you want, choose from different packages, and enjoy the best Alaska fishing trip you will ever experience with us at Alaska’s Gold Creek Lodge in King Salmon Alaska.