king salmon alaskaAlaska’s Gold Creek Lodge is home to some of the most exhilarating fishing in Alaska as well as all sorts of other King Salmon Alaska adventures. Although a large portion of the trip will be spent exploring the terrains and waters surrounding our area, there is one important part that our very own Chef Amy takes great pride in— the food! When you stay with us at Alaska’s Gold Creek Lodge, be ready to dine like royalty with tantalizing culinary creations during your King Salmon Alaska excursion.

The Chef Knows Best

With an impressive background that includes years of schooling and working alongside several celebrities within the restaurant world, Chef Amy is one of our prized gems here at Alaska’s Gold Creek Lodge. Her passion for cooking delicious meals shows every day as she serves our guests some of the most mouthwatering dishes in the state of Alaska. At other Alaska fishing lodges, you may find a chef that cooks up a mean salmon, but Chef Amy’s knowledge allows her to go above and beyond the usual pallet with creative meals that will leave your taste buds singing. It is easy to see why the food is such a staple when you bite into one of Chef Amy’s masterpiece entrees.

king salmon alaskaWhat’s On The Menu

When your stomach begins to rumble, and it is time to take a break from adventuring for a bite to eat, there is no better place than our Alaskan fishing lodge. Our King Salmon Alaska location allows us access to plenty of fresh fish and other local ingredients that provide unique flavors for Chef Amy to use. For breakfast, you will find a buffet full of hearty foods that are sure to jump-start your morning with fresh fruits, various meats, home-baked items, and more. When lunch rolls around, you can continue your adventures without heading back to the lodge with one of our picnic lunches. You will get a picnic lunch of nutritious foods, and if the coast is clear of bears, a shore lunch may even be arranged.

After a long day out on the water or trekking through the Alaskan wilderness, you are sure to have worked up an appetite. Reminisce the day’s events over a few delicious appetizers while Chef Amy works on creating a gourmet meal from our menu. You will have choices between top-quality meats and seafood as well as a list of beverages for you to pair with your dinner. No matter what you choose off of the menu, you are sure to be blown away the minute you take your first bite.

Dig In And Enjoy!

During your King Salmon Alaska fishing getaway with Alaska’s Gold Creek Lodge, you will not only have access to world-class fishing, but you will also be able to enjoy premier dining. Join us for an unforgettable experience and discover the flavorful dishes created by Chef Amy. At Alaska’s Gold Creek Lodge, we specialize in creating unmatched experiences for each of our guests and invite you to discover it all for yourself!