Brooks Falls BearsNature photographers all over the world look for new opportunities to capture wildlife in action. When you visit us at Alaska’s Gold Creek Lodge, get your camera ready for a phenomenal photography opportunity with a Brooks Falls bear viewing excursion. The Brooks Falls and Katmai bear viewing is a highlight for many, and you will be able to document unforgettable moments of these bears in their element.

Finding The Best Vantage Point

Getting an angle that does these massive animals justice is not extremely hard to find. However, getting the most intriguing frames with interesting exposures can be a feat when you can’t get close enough to your target of interest. There are plenty of opportunities for other nature photos along the trails that Brooks Falls Bearslead to the falls, but always remember to be mindful of your surroundings. The walk along the trails is perfect for snapshots but if you are trying to focus in on an object or animal, make sure no bears are lingering nearby as to keep to the “fifty-yard rule.” You will come to a raised walkway that takes you to the platforms that allow you to relax and take your time giving you the ability to capture as much as possible through your lenses.

Most photographers will stay on the ground for close up pictures for fine details, but a shot from the sky could prove to hold a different quality and a vantage point you cannot find on the ground. You can book a flyover viewing with our very own Alaska’s Gold Creek Lodge fleet that will take you into the skies for a bird’s eye Brooks Falls bear viewing. Bring your best lenses for spectacular snapshots from above.

A Few Tips For Your Best Shots

When it comes to being prepared, you always want to make sure that your camera bag is fully stocked with all the right tools. Bring along a variety of lenses to ensure you have what you need on hand for the best shots. When going on a photography excursion in Alaska, you always want to make sure that you bring more batteries and storage than you think you will need. Many photographers take snapshots and fill up their memory before they even get to the best areas. There is nothing worse than a dying camera or running out of memory in the peak of an adventure!

A Picture Perfect Brook Falls Lodge

For an unforgettable getaway integrated with one of the best opportunities to capture the beauty of wild bears with your lens, book a stay with us at Alaska’s Gold Creek Lodge. Brooks Falls bear viewing in a convenient distance from our lodge, and you can also find specialty guided tours that take you further into the Katmai National Park. Our guides can take you right into the river so you can get up close and personal with these beautiful creatures. Embark on a phenomenal photo excursion with us that is sure to leave your film full of incredible shots of the famous Brooks Falls and Katmai bears!