As all of the snow starts to dissipate and the ground begins to thaw once more, we have been busy prepping our gear and getting ready for our favorite season. Alaska’s Gold Creek Lodge is always looking forward to the beginning of a new King Salmon Alaska fishing season, and it is about that time again. While our Alaska Gold Creek staff and guides have been eager to welcome anglers once more, we dusted off our waders and tuned up our fleet of water and aircrafts for some fun.

Itching To Get On The Water
When late spring and early summer approach, we tend to become a little restless, winter has been here far too long after all. Fishing season is finally coming into full swing, and those monsters of the deep we have been so patiently waiting for are starting to tug at our lines. King Salmon begin making their way into the fresh waters once more, and we could not be more excited to find them and many other bounties of fish.

Get Out And Cast A Line
Our fleet of trusty float planes, helicopters, ATV’s, and boats are ready to take you out for an epic adventure. Our guides are getting back into the groove and have made sure that all equipment is in tip-top shape for you to pick up and cast out. We know many of our guests travel from considerably long distances to experience the entirety of our vast Alaskan home, so we want to make sure that your time with us is unforgettable.

A New Season Awaits
If you are anything like us here at Alaska’s Gold Creek and cannot wait to hit the water and wrangle the fish of your dreams, then give us a call at 907-246-4654 or visit our website. We can help you pick the best dates for your prized catch to be in season and on when you want to get on the water. It is your time to take hold of all of the opportunities that a brand new fishing season brings to our lodge. We cannot wait to accommodate you, and our professional staff is eagerly awaiting the chance to get you out on the water for an epic fishing adventure. So grab your gear and head up to Alaska’s Gold Creek for yet another extraordinary season of King Salmon Alaska fishing!