When people come to the Bristol Bay area and venture out into our Alaskan wilderness, it is often for the incredible fishing opportunities available in our waters. Though our main attraction is the unbeatable fishing, the vast landscapes and sprawling postcard-worthy views are a prominent feature that sets our lodge apart from the rest. While many of our guests head out for fishing king salmon and all of our other popular catches, there are a few other adventures that allow you to soak in the sites and take in all of Alaska’s beauty at Alaska’s Gold Creek Lodge.

On The Water
Many of our anglers can attest to the fact that our waterways and bay areas hold breathtaking beauty. One of the best ways to experience it is not by staying on shore but by venturing out onto the waters. Alaska’s Gold Creek has an all-day adventure for anyone who wishes to get a first-hand take of the beautiful wildlife and views of our Alaskan waterways. Take an all-day float downriver with kayaks on a peaceful,

self-guided tour that will bring you back to the lodge downstream for a relaxing day of nature and fun on the water.

Staying On Land
On land, there are also plenty of ways to take in some of the best views of our surroundings. If you are hoping to capture some of the astonishing sites through the lens of your camera, take hold of the opportunity of one of our photo/film safaris. These guided tours will take you through some of the most incredible photogenic areas with a seasoned photographer that can give you tips on capturing the best of our wilderness surroundings. Taking a hike through the Katmai National Park and Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes will also give you unique scenery that you cannot find in any other portion of the world.

No Better Place Than Here
Our lodge is located nearby many of Alaska’s most incredible areas. Housing mountainous backgrounds, plains of cooled lava, beautiful glacial waters, and a vast variety of wildlife are all things that make the location of our Alaska’s Gold Creek Lodge perfect. Find yourself fishing king salmon, exploring the grandeur of the Alaskan wilderness, and taking in those unforgettable views that seem to be taken straight out of a postcard. Take your very own Alaskan adventure by calling us here at Alaska’s Gold Creek and planning a trip that will leave you in awe.