When it comes to casting a line and wanting a fishing trip you will never forget, Alaska tends to be at the top of every angler’s list. Battle it out with salmon and other incredible catches in one of the most beautiful areas of the world. When you visit us at Alaska’s Gold Creek Lodge, you will surely be in for a fishing trip you will never forget. There are a few celebrity fish that make appearances on fishermen’s hooks around here, so let’s meet a few.
Rainbow Trout
A popular and easily recognized fish in the area is the Rainbow Trout. These vibrantly colored fish live for about 4 to 6 years in the wild and grow to an average of 8 pounds and 20-30 inches long, but have been known to grow to sizes much larger. Rainbow Trout have also been referred to as the Redbanded Trout for its pinkish red coloration running horizontally along their sides. Known for creating challenging battles for anglers, they make for an exhilarating catch. They can be found all year-round but tend to be most active towards the end of summer while the Salmon are spawning. They thrive on a diet of Salmon eggs so using hand curated eggs or bait resembling the eggs of spawning Salmon in various colors can help you catch Rainbow Trout that are looking for a tasty meal.

Arctic Grayling
Another beautiful fish native to our Alaskan waters is the Arctic Grayling. Its iconic sail-like dorsal fin makes this little beauty easy to identify, and its varying colors make each fish unique. Though most Graylings are darker in color, they can have a variety of markings and colors ranging from reds, aqua, oranges, pinks, blues, and even metallic silvers and golds. The Arctic Grayling ranges from 10 up to 20+ inches long, and weigh around 3 pounds.

Dolly Varden
The Dolly Varden, aka Char, is confused with the Rainbow Trout fairly often due to the similar colorings and size. However, there are two different types of Char found in Alaska. The larger one is seen in southern waters of the state, and the smaller are found in northern waters above the Alaskan Peninsula. Dolly Varden are found in both freshwater and saltwater. In the saltwater, they tend to be silver in color but end up changing to an olive color with red markings as they reach freshwater. Males will often become brightly colored with white, red, and black on their bellies with orange or red spots with fins to match during spawning season. Females also experience this color change but on a more subtle scale.

The next time you visit our Gold Creek Lodge, you will likely come across these aquatic residents. Give us a call or visit our website to book your trip to meet these incredible fish at Alaska’s gold Creek Lodge.