^ Above is a photo with Donald Trump Jr and his son. We spent an incredible week getting to know these guys! We even got to sneak the secret service out for a little silver fishing!

The fall season brings cooler weather, which means fewer people, and incredible rainbow trout and silver salmon fishing. The rivers have quieted down from the summer “crowds”, and provides solitude while chasing that trophy rainbow. This attracts travelers from all over world for King Salmon Alaska fishing. The river is serene, the people are gone, and the views are fantastic. Not to mention the smell of the tundra is truly intoxicating. Fall is one of our favorite times at our Alaska Lodge. The temperature is perfect for hiking, and the trophy trout and silver salmon fishing is incredible!


It’s no secret that the Naknek River and Bristol Bay produce trophy rainbows. In late fall the Trout come out to eat before winter, and the amount and quality of Trout is incredible! If you are willing to spend some time catching Rainbow Trout, you are often to lure in a large one. You will spend your time working on new techniques that will help you to net the perfect trophy.

While you are fishing, you will often come across wildlife such as moose, bear, and wolves working on their winter food storage. In the fall the wildlife viewing opportunities are abundant. You will likely spot wildlife on the shoreline and around the lodge. The water foul in our area are also extremely active, preparing for their flights south. 

Fall in King Salmon Alaska is a beautiful time. In early fall you catch the last glimpse of summer with warm temperatures and longer days. Then, the latter half the air gets colder and the days get shorter. The cause in temperature turns the foliage to a beautiful gold shimmer. When hiking or fishing, you will be surrounded by a thick canopy of vibrant leaves. Fall allows us to take in the nature and abundance that Alaska offers. The wildlife, the intoxicating smell of the tundra, and the shimmering waters full of that trophy trout you’ve dreamed of catching are definitely worth the long summer wait.

Alaska provides a lot to explore, and we at Alaska’s Gold Creek Lodge are happy to escort you to sample the wildness, the remoteness, and the beauty that this great state offers! We have different adventures to make sure you get to see and do what you want this fall. Whether you are looking for a wildlife excursion or a fishing guide to catch the best Trout, we have all the tools to make sure you have the perfect Alaskan adventure. Call us, 907-246-4654, to reserve your opportunity to experience fall in King Salmon Alaska.